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Develop fluid technique, study standard repertoire,

& Unleash your musical creativity with



Oboe Summer Camp by Dr. Glenda Bates

for intermediate to advanced oboe students

Half-Day Schedule: Monday-Friday

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific Time   /  12PM - 3PM Eastern Time

$100 per student per week

Oboe Wonder Week! Is an online, half-day camp for Intermediate to Advanced Oboe Students focusing on Technique Development & Creative Expression through oboe. We will use Zoom as our platform. 


Oboists will boost their technique, skills, and musical creativity in a fun, inclusive, and collaborative environment led by Glenda Bates, D.M.A. This camp focuses on exercises and habits to free up your oboe playing and encourage you to express your voice through the instrument. 



9am - 12pm Pacific Time / San Francisco  // 

12pm - 3pm Eastern Time/ New York


  • Hellos and getting set up (10min)  

  • Breathing, Long Tones, and articulation exercises (15min)

  • Scales, Arpeggios, and other building blocks (25min) 

  • Break (10min)       

  • Repertoire preparation and study (45min)

  • Break (15min)

  • Ear Training and Theory Concepts (20min) 

  • Application of theory in Improvisation and Composition exercises (20min)

  • Sharing -  (20min)

During breaks, Dr. Bates will play music and videos by oboists of different styles and lead the class in light stretches. Beaks are also for water, bathroom, and snacks as needed. It’s also a productivity trick - work for about 45min and then break for 15 min, repeat. 


  • Develop efficient and effective technique through daily scales, intonation, and articulation exercises - together! 

  • Work on preparation of standard oboe solo and orchestral repertoire

  • Develop musicianship and creative expression through ear training, theory, improvisation and composition activities

  • Have Fun Playing Oboe & Making Music with other oboists! 


  1. Have several working reeds at the beginning of camp! We’re gonna play a lot, so just one is not gonna cut it. Here are some Reedsources, or just ask if you need help on where to find reeds and supplies. 

  2. Optional - have a piece of music prepared to perform and get feedback during repertoire study.  We will also study and play solo pieces and standard orchestral excerpts together. 

  3. Come with questions you may have about a particular piece of music, or any aspect of oboe playing and music-making. 


Dr. Bates is a multi-faceted oboist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her diverse experiences as a professional musician and teacher, coupled with her interdisciplinary and multi-genre approach to music performance make her a great guide for student oboists on their own unique musical journeys. She has played with the San Francisco Chorale Society, Symphony Napa Valley, New Opera New York, Evanescence, Classical Revolution, and was a curator at Center for new Music in San Francisco. Read more about her here

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Space will be limited to ensure each camper has the best experience. Reserve your spot now by registering today! 

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