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KinderBlues Music 

Glenda Bates writes original songs for children and their families to enjoy together!

Book for fun filled live performances.

Life Cycle 

by Glenda Bates

Recorded live, May 22, 2023

Whitney the Whale

by Glenda Bates

00:00 / 00:23

Vampire Pirate 

by Glenda Bates

Halloween 2019


Why the blues in KinderBlues?

  • The  Blues is everything! 

  • The Blues is the harmonic and rhythmic basis of nearly all forms of popular music today including jazz, soul, funk, rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Americana, and Pop. 

  • The Blues Is a perfect genre for exploring emotion and expression.

  • Using a standard form or pattern and infusing it with our own experience creates a unique artwork.

  • The Blues is an important aspect of American and Global cultural heritage and history. 

Why the kinder in KinderBlues?

Kinder means kids or children in German! An homage to the European Classical tradition, Glenda’s musical training. 

Where can I listen to the songs? 

Glenda is working on recording the album in Fluffheart Studios right now! Sign up for the Glenda Bates Music mailing list to stay tuned. 

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