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Original Music &

Early Childhood Music Education

by Dr. Glenda Bates


Designed to engage students’ creativity and showcase their inner wisdom

through music and interdisciplinary arts. 

KinderBlues music is designed to be fun and relevant to children at a variety of ages (including children at heart!). Imaginative songs about flowers, snow, and whales encourage awareness of the natural environment, Songs like Natalie the Manatee and Sticky Treats engage in a child's playful nature while teaching important musical concepts like beat, tempo, pitch, and dynamics. Children and families engage with the music through movement, percussion, singing, and active listening. Kinder-Blues classes are also designed to create a supportive community environment around music making to aid in a child’s socio-emotional development. 

Ages two to seven can be the most important for a child’s musical, intellectual, and creative development! Early childhood music exposure has been shown to enhance language development, motor-skills development, and emotional development.

About the Teacher and Curriculum Writer, Glenda Bates, D.M.A. 

smaller glenda butterfly ukulele.png

Glenda is a professional classical musician, and a singer/ songwriter specializing in writing Children's music. She is an oboist, jazz singer, and multi-instrumentalist with a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Oboe Performance. She has been teaching music in pre-schools, elementary schools, and baby+me formats for over 6 years, and teaching music generally from beginning to university level for more than 15 years.


Learn more about her music making activites at 

About KinderBlues
Classes KinderBlues

Offer Kinder-Blues classes at your school, library, or community space!

Tiny Tunes - infant-3 yr

(baby+me style)

More mellow group class for our youngest little ones and their families.  Featuring original songs by Glenda, and lots of colorful props to engage your little ones’ senses and imagination!  Expect to shake shakers, wave scarves, sing along, and share musical joy with your little one(s). 


Tunes for Tots - 1.5 yr - 5yr (baby+me style)

Slightly more active group for bigger babes and wiggly ones.  Like Tiny Tunes, but will include more dancing and movement, more instruments, and more complex rhythms. 


 Treble Tunes - 5-7 yr 

(Students participate in class without required parent supervision)

Group art-making ensemble for kids focusing on rhythm and song. Students play percussion instruments, sing, improvise, and compose. Multi-class sessions conclude in a performance on the last day!


Goes beyond the standard music class by empowering children as creators and performers. Engages the creative process through interdisciplinary techniques (music plus dance, visual arts, science, story-telling, and poetry).

KinderBlues Classic - infant-5yo

(baby+me style)

Mixes ages class designed to develop your child's musical mind by exposing them to many different types of rhythms, songs, and movemt in a live music, community-baased setting. 

Music KinderBlues

KinderBlues Music 

Glenda Bates writes original songs and music for all the kinder blues classes, shows, events, and workshops!

Hear some samples below:

Life Cycle 

by Glenda Bates

Recorded live, May 22, 2023

Whitney the Whale

by Glenda Bates

00:00 / 00:23

Vampire Pirate 

by Glenda Bates

Halloween 2019

Events KinderBlues

Parties, Children's Birthdays, and Holiday Celebrations

Bring musical joy to your celebration or event!  Children and adults are invited to shake and dance along in an interactive performance with shakers, scarves, a parachute and.... bubbles!! The perfect solution for stress free family entertainment! Glenda sings 100% original children's songs + requests.  




A Kinder-Blues workshop presented by Dr. Glenda Bates at your conference or event offers all the joy and wisdom of our regular classes tied up in a smaller package. Glenda will work with you to tailor the session(s) to your needs. 


Why the blues in KinderBlues?

  • The  Blues is everything! 

  • The Blues is the harmonic and rhythmic basis of nearly all forms of popular music today including jazz, soul, funk, rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Americana, and Pop. 

  • The Blues Is a perfect genre for exploring emotion and expression.

  • Using a standard form or pattern and infusing it with our own experience creates a unique artwork.

  • The Blues is an important aspect of American and Global cultural heritage and history. 

Why the kinder in KinderBlues?

Kinder means kids or children in German! An homage to the European Classical tradition, Glenda’s musical training. 

Where can I listen to the songs? 

Right now only in classes and this website! More to come. 


How do I learn more or book a KinderBlues class, workshop, or performance?

Click contact. Thanks! 

FAQ KinderBlues
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