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Vibrant Currents 

Mira Magrill – flute

Glenda Bates – oboe

Raissa Fahlman – clarinet

   Eldad Tarmu – vibraphone    

Powder Blue Waltz - Eldad Tarmu
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Spacewalk Blues - Glenda Bates
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Truth Serum - Eldad Tarmu
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In December 2017, Vibrant Currents formed to premiere a concert of new music in NYC.  The concert featured world premieres of new works by ensemble founders Glenda Bates and Eldad Tarmu. Raissa Fahlman’s experience in both Classical and Jazz made her a perfect fit for this new Classical Chamber Jazz aesthetic, and Mira MaGrill’s beautiful sound and expressive playing completed the quartet. At the first rehearsal, we knew we had discovered something special in this stellar collection of artistic musicians, and our beautifully unique instrumentation.  We are committed to commissioning, composing, and arranging works for this ensemble.



Praised for her beautiful sound, natural stage presence, and expressive energy, flutist Mira Magrill is an active musician, teacher, and soloist in the New York City area. She has won numerous competitions and awards, and has performed extensively as a soloist and in chamber ensembles.


Raissa Fahlman is a devoted clarinet soloist, chamber and orchestral musician. She has participated in several world premieres as a member of chamber ensembles, large ensembles and as a featured soloist.


Dr. Eldad Tarmu has recorded 8 original albums, toured in twenty-five different countries, and composes lush chamber music which defies traditional classification.

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