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Preschool Music Lessons with Dr. Glenda!

For families wanting to give their child a head start on music!


Lessons are currently offered online


​Glenda adapts her KinderBlues curriculum to one-on-one lessons, to truly ignite the musical joy in your little one through a unique, and personal music education experience. Lessons include singing, percussion (rhythm instruments), creative movement, art, and can include piano or other instruments as well, depending on what is available to your family, and the interests of your student. The emphasis is always on fun and creativity, while developing a musical vocabulary. 

Glenda is also available for group classes for larger families, schools, or community settings. Check out Glenda's KinderBlues website to learn more about group classes for infant (baby&me) through 1st grade. 

Why Glenda Rocks:

  • Professional musician and interdisciplinary artist

  • Doctorate of Musical Arts

  • Decades of music education experience, both one-on-one and in the classroom

  • Writing and teaching preschool music curriculum for classroom settings for 8 years

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