UPDATE! Spring 2021 

If you have new newest Zoom update on your computer, you now want to do this:

  1. Click the gear-wheel in the upper right hand corner in Zoom to open the settings window. Or if you are already in a zoom meeting, click the little arrow next to the mute button, and select audio settings.

  2. Click Audio to open the Audio Settings

  3. Un-check Automatically Adjust Microphone Volume, and manually turn your input volume all the way up. You can test your volume by pushing test volume, and the app will record you for a few seconds, then play it back to you.

  4. Set Suppress Background Noise to low.

  5. Check the box for Show in-meeting option to "Turn on Original Sound" from microphone

  6. Check the box for High Fidelity Music Mode

  7. Check the box for Echo Cancelation (of just make sure it is checked, it's usually automatically checked)

  8. No other boxes need to be Checked or Selected.

  9. Now when you are in your meeting, in the upper right hand corner of the window, you should see a button that says Turn On Original Sound. Click it! If it says Turn Off Original Sound, then it's already on, you're good to go! Usually all these settings save on your device, but I find I have to click this Turn On Original Sound button for each new meeting. 


Other Devices:

Not all of these options are available on an iPad or Chromebook, but you should at least be able to do step three, un-selecting Automatically Adjust Microphone Volume. 



Thank you for braving virtual reality with me as we move forward with online lessons!

Tips on using Zoom for music lessons:

Use a laptop or computer (as opposed to a tablet or phone) when possible because you have more control over the audio settings. Zoom is usually optimized for voice, and designed to eliminate background noise. Sometimes it confuses our music as background noise, and makes it really quiet or distorts the sound. To fix this on a computer (not available on a mobile device):


In Audio settings, be sure to

  • un-check "auto adjust microphone volume"

    • turn the microphone volume almost all the way up​

  • In Advanced audio settings

    • Disable "Suppress Intermittent Background Noise"

    • Disable "Suppress Persistent Background Noise"

    • Check "show in-meeting option to Enable Original Sound"

      • then in the Zoom meeting window (in our lesson/meeting) in the upper left hand corner, click "turn on original sound"

Here's a youtube video showing how to do all that:



Be sure to close all other apps on your device, and ask other household members to refrain from streaming video, downloading/uploading large files, or gaming online during your lesson. This will increase your internet bandwidth and create clearer audio and video in our online platform (i.e. no frozen statues or robot voices). For more best practices, check out this helpful info about online music conferencing.