Piano Lessons Online with Dr. Glenda!
Specializing in young learners, and beginning to intermediate students of all ages.

Piano lessons with Dr. Glenda are a fun and engaging introduction to music performance, notation, and theory
to prepare students to excel in music. 

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Glenda is a thoughtful and engaging teacher who tailors lessons to each student's interests and unique music journey.


Glenda teaches beginning to intermediate piano lessons in the Bay Area and online, specializing in young beginners ages 4 and up. Her 6+ years of experience teaching preschool music classes give her just the right insight to make music lessons fun, educational, and engaging for your little ones! 

Piano is a great instrument for any beginning musician, because it allows us to learn concepts like rhythm, melody, dynamics, and notation in a practical, artful, and engaging way, which will set a student up to to excel as a pianist, or to excel at any other musical instrument. Glenda has vast experience in many styles and on many instruments, so she is uniquely qualified to help a musician discover their path and choose what instruments and topics to study. 

For Intermediate students, the goal is to prepare them to play a variety of musical styles from Classical to Pop music. A strong foundation in theory, music notation, and aural training will set students up to play in school ensembles, bands with friends, or create whatever type of music they like. 

Dr. Bates has taught at various institutions around the Bay Area including Notes Music Academy, Mid Peninsula Music Academy, Performing Arts Workshop, Bay Area Children's Theater, and Pacific Union College.