Ukulele, Voice,

or combination

Singing Ukulele Lessons!

Dr. Glenda Bates is an experienced jazz and contemporary vocalist, exploring the Great American Songbook and writing her own music. She grew up singing in church choir and music theater programs, going on to study jazz voice independently while earning her degrees in oboe performance.

Along the way Glenda picked up playing the ukulele as an easy and portable instrument to accompany her voice. The first time she strummed an ukulele in a music shop, waiting for a friend's clarinet to get repaired, she fell in love with it's soothing and mellow tone. She's been playing ever since, combining traditional ukulele techniques with her own ecclectic mix of classical, jazz, and pop inspired repertoire. 


She also writes children's songs, and plays the ukulele in her KinderBlues classes for early childhood music.  

Glenda is a thoughtful and engaging teacher who tailors lessons to each student's interests and unique music journey.